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I go through development cycles on my sites, and I was in an off cycle and missed this bombshell. GARS is a great product and it has been part of a lot of my plans on our flagship site. One of the main reasons I went with it, was that I like to use commercial scripts so that I can get support and not get left in an abandoned state which has happened so many times with .org stuff in the past. Now I guess I have found that buying doesn't get you any further than going with the free stuff.

TheGeek, I do hope that your family situation improves, and I'll add you to my prayers. Personally, if you do decide to just throw this out into open source on .org, one of my first priorities will be to look for another solution for what I've used GARS for... which will be a very difficult task to solve. Without a "lead", anything at .org dies from what I've seen.

I'd like to see you turn it over or sell it to some other commercial entity that is capable and interested in doing something with it. Of the developers listed, I'm most impressed with the vBadvanced folks (Brian), or nuHit. From what I've seen, they have (in the past) provided pretty good support and kept their products up to date.

Another idea that I've not heard mentioned is Jelsoft. I wonder if they would consider taking it over as an add-on to vBulletin?

I wish you well, and please do keep us updated. I'm really concerned about what this is going to do to the future of my site that is heavily using GARS.
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