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The best news I've read in quite some time... Yay!
::breaks out a celebratory beverage::

Morgan is hands down the best dev we've worked with... Superb support and really excellent code. If we can't have Sam back, we simply could *not* be happier that Morgan will be taking over our other favorite dev site.

Man this is such good news! 'Plog and the vbGeek packages are the heart and soul of the customization we've done with our site... To have them all under one roof (so to speak) is just plain ideal.

::capers madly::

Thanks Sam! I think you made the best possible choice, and (as I'm sure you can tell) we're utterly psyched that Morgan has the time and inclination to take on the various projects here. We continue to wish you all the best, and our thanks for taking your time to get the best home for vbgeek that you could...

James and Susan
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