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Default Priority of Scripts

Geek, I fully applaude your decision to try to keep your support on par with the pace of your products. My concern is that GeekMart might get lost because of it's low place on your list of priorities. And, that would be quite a loss.

Trust me, I speak from experience! I have begged and pleaded (along with a whole lot of others) for someone to add a cart (or merge an existing one) to vB at the old .org ... and no one stepped up to the plate but you. And, I have begged at various CMS's that tie in with vB for an integrated cart, but no one has been successful. Heck, I even begged the developer of a well-known cart to integrate with vB (yet another backdoor approach).

The bottom line is that while there are other article & banner mods, there is only one GeekMart . And so many people need this!
My hope would be that when you get to the mart that you perfect it with Paypal Pro (and generic Paypal).

I know that you have your priorities set, and I respect that! Just don't forget those of us who need GeekMart ... and have needed it for a very long time. Thanks.
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