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Default Testers for GARS on vB4

If you want to be a GARS on vB4 tester, just let me know. If there is enough interest, testers will then get access to GARS for vB4 to test out and make reports of problems, and be sure, there will be problems. GARS is not meant for a live vB4 site, and no support will be offered. What this is is a way to get through the problems and get a production worthy version of GARS for vB4 available. Below is a screenshot of GARS on vB4 as it looks today.

Note that this does not mean that GARS will work on vB4 exactly like it worked on vB3. It is not a simple wave of the hand to get an add-on the size of GARS, written pre vB4, to work on vB4 or else it would have already been done. Some features will be deleted, others changes, and so forth to get a production worthy version of GARS for vB4. The goal is to make GARS into a vB4 compatible version.

All of the GARS templates have been made vB4 compatible. Compatibility means that there are tables in the GARS templates with additional CSS to give the vB4 look and feel. There was a lot of manual labor that went into dealing with the GARS templates, so much so that there were times I became quite nauseous dealing with them, so this is likely the last time I will be "compatibilitizing" templates.

As I wrote before, my intentions were good, but my productivity was not. One reason was the templates, gobs and gobs of HTML. Another reason was how the vB4 code changed. Once example is moving the cache_templates hook from the global scope into a function and changing where it ran in the code. Things like this invariably cause problems trying to update something written specifically for pre vB4 code. It is just a headache all around, not something enjoyable.

Now some of you have moved on, understandable, and some of you check back now and then but don't say much, other offer nice words that I appreciate, but there are ones that are just nails in the coffin. Sure there are many reasons for not working on these scripts, and frustration is understandable, but uncalled for comments are icing on the cake, so this is also likely the last time I will be upgrading this code.

Please use the forums for support, feature requests, and similar such things. Support does not include custom code, custom template edits, or third-party modifications. PMs and emails to me should be for private information only, such as login information. If you PM or email me a support question, chances are good that I'll ignore it. Thanks.
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