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Default The VB Geek

Hey Guys -

As you may have seen we are currently advertising on Bit-Tech and many of you who have already clicked our links will have seen our site.

The Geek is the worlds first Intelligent PC Configurator / Builder. The logic behind The Geek is incredible, it will let you build a PC by using components you want to use. The best bit is you cannot go wrong - after each component you select The Geek checks the remaining components to see whether they are compatible with what you just selected, if they are not compatible - The Geek simply removes them from the options.

The Geek has taken 2 years to build and perfect and we would really like some feedback - We understand that The Geek isnt the usual way to buy a PC, but is it the best? We think so, but what do you guys think?

Do you have any suggestions? comments? Or even better, have you broken it or built a PC that could not possibly work? Let us know

Play with it, select the advanced option and it wont restrict your order of choice then let us know what you think.

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