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Hi Morgan,

Cheers for the update on that other thread

I've been thinking about what really really useful stuff I would personally like in the next release. These may already be in it (I cant find a spec list), but if not, I am very hopeful that people will agree with me!

What: An automatic mailing list compiler
Why: With hundreds of orders in a short period of time anticipated for my product, it is far too labour intensive to enter the customer's details into a database to use as delivery details for the product/for future promotions

2. To be able to run reports on customers who purchased a set product/group of products, within a defined time period.

3. Compatibility with Google Checkout

4. To have 'hidden' products that can only be found through a specific url.

What: After the customer purchases a specified product/group of products/an order that doesn't not contain a certain product, for them to be redirected to a page that tells the customer why they really should purchase a certain product(s).

There should also be the ability for the seller to offer them a special offer on that product(s) (i.e. using the hidden deal idea again). see this kind of thing a lot on 'get rich quick websites'.

It is important that you 'push' the product after the purchase, as you don't want to do anything to put off the customer from purchasing. Pushing it after the main purchase does not interrupt their purchase, and therefore does not negatively affect their sales the long run this is VERY important for repeat purchases/word of mouth (I work in Trading dept. of a large retail it obvious?

Just to put this into context.....
- My product will disable (aka 'unlock') pretty much any cell phone from being 'locked' for use with a certain phone network operator.
- A fantastic add-on sale would be for them to purchase a 'Sim4Travel' phone sim, which allows them to make really big savings on calls when they travel abroad. They can't use it unless their phone is unlocked to all networks.

Why: Good for the customer, good for the seller. Increases customer feelings of 'closeness' with the seller.

Hope you like!!

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