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Default postbit_legacy and GARS_pb


@ Morgan: I need your help with a small problem. I hope you can help me.

For the first post in an article, I use the postbit_legacy template. So I copied the original template and stored in postbit_legacy GARS_pb. Works perfectly.

But I would like to install a module into postbit_legacy template.

So you understand me better I created with a graphics program, a sample image:



As you can see on the image to a GARS module ($ post [GARS_modposition5]) into the standard template postbit_legacy be installed.

I tried it but I can not get through this.

The GARS-module is to be right from the text and the line is to show how <hr> on the picture in the direction module and stop short in front.

Can you help me?


The frame of the module must not, as in a picture-table TD or so. Main thing it looks good. Can a simple framework to be in color are sec.

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