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Default Thanks

Thanks for the info Morgan.

I was waiting for it for a few months.

I like to put my opinion, maybe is irrelevant but, I'm still like to.

I have two scripts GARS & GAB
Also a long time ago I buy vBDynamics Multiple Instances, but when I find GARS, I simple love it. As far I know a lot of users migrate between GARS - vBDyn. With the Articles option from vBull 4, I think you will think on discontinued GARS.

I say, give it a try, as far I see the vBull 4 Articles will be for the Site area, looks cool, but the vbull sub-forums, looks awesome with GARS.

GARS is a unique script, in fact maybe I'll resist to upgrade to vBull 4 because GARS make some parts of my forum unique, I love it, my users like it.

GAB looks pretty useful, and the vBull Ads systems suxs so I don't think is on the scripts Blacklist.

The other scripts, I wait to buy them until the next update or I'll have more things to worry.

Wherever the decision you guys make, you have a long hours of hard work coming, and I think we really appreciated it.

Thanks and best regards!!!