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I want to differ from this comment:

whether the vBulletin Content Management System makes GARS obsolete (could be possible), etcetera
I consider pretty different GARS, from a CMS.
On my site I have vba CMPS, maybe this add on could be affected with the new vBull 4 (because I have the blog and the Project Tool on that license), but the plain forum licenses will not have CMS, so will use third party systems.

I found GARS, pretty similar to vBDynamics, I have it on my forum (multiple instances), but what makes GARS special is the total integration with the forums, make each subforum special, and the best of all vbSEO compatible.

I hope you continue with some of the scripts, I like them and I'm planning to buy them, could be pretty useful to know what script you plan to upgrade.

I'm thinking in get (on that order):

But with the vBull 4 on the corner, I don't like to see all the work and licenses invested goes to trash. I feel I was a year late on knowing this site.

Consider this a Pre-sales question.

Best regards!!!
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