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Geek Auto-Linker GAL automatically links keywords that users type in posts to advertising hover pop-ups.

This is an HTML example. Isn't it just wonderful?!?!
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Old 07-25-2008, 06:46 PM
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Default Links only showing once in GAL

I've read through all the threads in here that even remotely come close to what I'm experiencing, but none of the fixes have worked for me.

When I first input words that I've listed in GALS, they show up in the forum. Once I've looked at them once and left the post, they no longer show up as links of any sort anywhere on the site from that point on - whether I post them again in a new post, new thread or try to read another thread where they show.

The GAL CSS is correctly placed, I've double and tripled checked all settings and they're as they should be, permissions are correct, all files are uploaded (including the ones for using GALS with GARS). I've even deleted and reinputted them. If I input a new word, it follows the same format - showing up once then nothing.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice on two test boards only to get the same issue.

Any help would be eternally appreciated - that doesn't involve all the suggestions already given LOL . If screen shots are needed of my permissions, etc, or if anyone would like to take a look in my testboard cp, I'm more than happy to supply logins.

Thanks in advance.
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