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Geek Advertising Banner System GAB is a highly configurable banner management system for vBulletin.

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Old 10-06-2010, 02:12 AM
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Default Let me apologise ..... cant find answer to my problem

Hi, firstly I apologise because I know this question has been asked a million times over BUT I've looked for the last couple of hours and followed quite a few threads and just haven't been able to fix my problem. My problem is that I can only get the banner to show below the Navbar and not in any of the other positions - Header and Footer (haven't yet tried the forum posts etc)

I'm only using the vB4 Default Style and I've turned off any mod that I thought might interfere with the ads - VSa - Advanced Forum Statistics, VSa - ChatBox but it makes no difference

I have set this up with a different category for each position i want an ad to show ie:

Header Banners
Navbar Banners
Footer Banners
Forum Banners
Skyscraper Banners
Side Banners
Other Items

Then set the Billboards up for each different Category ie:

Header Billboard
Navbar Billboard
Footer Billboard
Skyscraper Billboard
Side Billboard
Forum Billboard

Next, my scripts are set up in the Master and all of the others (Forumdisplay etc)are ticked to use default script which is set up as follows:

{vb:raw show.geek_gab_ads.0} Header Billboards
{vb:raw show.geek_gab_ads.1} Navbar Billboards
{vb:raw show.geek_gab_ads.2} Footer Billboards

Ive placed {vb:raw show.geek_gab_ads.0} into the Header template just below {vb:raw ad_location.global_header2} near the bottom of the Header tmp

Ive placed {vb:raw show.geek_gab_ads.1} into the Navbar template just below {vb:raw ad_location.global_below_navbar} near the bottom of the Navbar tmp

Ive placed {vb:raw show.geek_gab_ads.2} into the Footer template just below {vb:raw ad_location.global_above_footer} at the start of the footer tmp

Ive set up the banner ads and each show the appropriate banner in the back end ...... if I enable one ad at a time the only one that will show up is the Navbar ad .......

When an ad is enabled in the backend, the number of impressions will increase each time I refresh the forum page whether the ad is showing or not.

Any ideas anyone?? what have I overlooked .......

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Old 10-06-2010, 10:39 PM
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Join Date: Aug 2007
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Anyone got any ideas ??

Help would be appreciated ......

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