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This is an HTML example. Isn't it just wonderful?!?!
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A test
A test
testing custom fields
Published by The Geek
Default A test

The first custom checkbox if not set to default, the second one is. I have ticked both and am saving to then edit again. Interesting stuff isnt it?

Now ive edited them both unticked.

Now Im just ticking the first one

Aha. Think I have finally reproded it. Last edit was first one ticked, second one unticked. I have just edited again and they are both ticked. Ill try again. Yup. Its saving correctly though. Ill try a couple other combos.

OK. only time I can get the bug is on a field where the checkbox is set to default, but is unticked but the other is ticked.
Custom field tests
The 'on' Title
The 'ah' Title

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