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vB Version: vb3.5 or vb3.6

Mod Version: GARS 2.0 RC4+

Released: 08-23-2006

Installs: 263

Last Update: n/a

DB Changes
Installer Included
Uses Plugins
Template Changes
Code Changes
Additional Files
Is a Beta!
Default Release/Install Package

Make sure that once you import via GARS import system, you MUST edit the new Release Module Set and then edit the release module, making sure each custom field is assigned correctly. Its also important to know that with GARS RC4 series, upgrading will dump your release phrases and templates, so you'll have to re import this package afterword.

This package gives you new custom fields, templates, modules and module sets to transform a forum into a software release/install system almost identical to the one found at (but with some subtle differences).

One of the key differences is GARS built in marked module and manager. This module takes full advantage of that system so that a user can click install/uninstall to mark/unmark this thread. Those that are 'marked' can be viewed by the thread author, admin and moderators.

To do so, just click the install count to be taken to the manager (marked.php) where the user can quickly select their releases and view who clicked install. This also gives them the ability to quickly send an update email to select users.

To install, download the zip. Upload the contents of the forum folder into your forums. Then go to your admincp->gars->import/export->import and browse to the release.xml file located with this zip.
Once imported, you MUST edit the new modules in the newly created module set. Do this by clicking the Release set link, then the release module and click save.

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