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vB Version: x

Mod Version: x

Released: 11-02-2005

Installs: 34

Last Update: n/a

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Is a Beta!
Default Topic Image on vBA articles.

I whipped this up for my forums a couple weeks ago.

This will display the topic image along with the article on vBA home (If you get the feed from the forum where articles are defined, you will see the article image in the template).

Modifications needed (in #FORUM_DIR#/modules/news.php): [vBA File]

PHP Code:
$news['message'] = substr($news['message'], 0strrpos(substr($news['message'], 0$mod_options['portal_news_maxchars']), ' ')) . '...' construct_phrase($vbphrase['read_more'], $vbulletin->options['bburl'], $news['threadid'], $session['sessionurl']);
Below Add:
PHP Code:
// GARS modification
$geek = array();
$getgeek $db->query_read("SELECT header_image FROM " TABLE_PREFIX "gars WHERE threadid=" .$news['threadid'] . "");
                while (
$geeksql $db->fetch_array($getgeek)) {
$geek[] = $geeksql['header_image'];
// / GARS modification 
Then, in templates, you can insert in the vBA newsbit (adv_portal_newsbit)
this code anywhere where you want the image to appear for that article.

Better template modification contributed by Lizard King.

HTML Code:
<if condition="$geek[0]"> <img align="$stylevar[left]" src="$geek[0]" alt="" style="padding:6px" alt="" border="0"/> <else /> <img align="$stylevar[left]" style="padding:6px" alt="" border="0" src="$news[avatarpath]" title="$news[postusername]'s $vbphrase[avatar]" /> </if>


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Release Tools
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