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Just another test
Just another test
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Published by KenDude
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I would first like to thank our newest sponsor Quality Lifts - Auto Lift, Motorcycle Lift, Shop Equipment, and Car Lift Installation by Quality Lifts for their sponsorship and participation in this article and their discount program for our members. I spent months doing research into automotive lifts, talking to various companies, obtaining specifications, references and additional materials and by far the people at Quality Lifts were much more responsive to my calls and emails and requests for information than any other lift manufacturer. For those who watched our live streaming video of the installation at Ustream you had a chance to hear information about Quality Lifts directy from their COO Eric Howlett.

If you missed the live broadcast, replay videos are available here:
Planet9's Videos on USTREAM. Page 1 of 1 : Recorded videos, shows captured LIVE

As Eric mentioned in our videos, Quality Lifts is offering an additional 5% discount on their entire line of lifts and lift products over and above any existing sales or specials. The latest specials are always listed at the Quality Lifts website. If you have any questions please give [XXX a call at YYYY], or to place an order please [ZZZZZZZ]

If you aren't familiar with Quality Lifts, it may be because they are a recent outgrowth of a popular and well known commercial lift company - Challenger Lifts. A few years ago Challenger Lifts decided to branch out into the home enthusiast market and the Quality Lifts brand was born. What I found interesting throughout the installation of the lift as that in 95%+ of the components and design the Quality Lifts product was identical to the commercial grade Challenger Lift. I'll get into some details later in the article where this is important, but to think of a Porsche parallel, it is sort of the same thing as Porsche offering a GT3 RS for the street that shares many of the same components as the Porsche GT3 RSR from the racetrack. Quality Lifts gives the home enthusiast a chance to enjoy the same features, capability and construction found in a more expensive commercial setup in their own garage.
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